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Our mission is to help 1Bn people Focus better every day. We deeply believe in the transformative power of technology for human progress, productivity, and happiness.

As an affiliate, you become an integral part of our mission, with the added benefit of sharing in the revenue generated!
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How the Affiliate Program works

We offer your customers a 20% discount on access to Opal Pro, and in return, you receive $30 for each customer who subscribes.
Complete the form below with your details. Please ensure the information you provide is accurate.
Upon receipt, we'll send you a contract which you need to sign and return to us via mail.
After that, we'll send you a branded link along with a 20% discount code.
At the end of each month, we'll provide you with a tracking record of the users converted on Opal, along with a report of your potential earnings.


How much will I earn per converted user?

A converted user is defined as one who has purchased a Pro annual subscription, which is priced at $99.99.

The user is considered converted after 30 days, which includes a refund period and a 7-day free trial.

Our payment terms are outlined below:

  • We track the number of times a promo code has been used to purchase an annual subscription on our website. Your Promo Code can ONLY be redeemed on Opal website.
  • The count is finalized at the end of each month.
  • After the 30 days, we will send you your commission.
  • Your commission is 30%, which equates to $30 per converted customer.

What is Opal’s regular pricing?

A detailed breakdown can be found at the following link:

Opal Pricing

How can a customer subscribe to Opal?

You can embed the link we provide on your webpage or on any social media platforms you use. This will direct the user to the App Store page to download Opal and proceed with the checkout.

What does a branded link look like?

Here is an example of a branded link provided to one of our affiliates:

Opal X RescueTime

Can Opal be used both on iPhones and computers?

Absolutely! We offer a Chrome extension that allows for seamless website blocking on your desktop devices.

What if my clients need support with Opal?

Opal provides in-app support and email support, ensuring that our customer service team is readily accessible and responsive.

For answers to the most common questions, please visit Opal’s help center:

Opal Help Center

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