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Block with Shortcuts

Opal just got better. Opal now works with native iOS Shortcuts to prevent app opens during an Opal session. It only takes 5 minutes to set up!


Open the Shortcuts app on your phone and select the "Automations" tab, then tap "Create Personal Automation"
Scroll down and tap "App" on the screen titled "New Automation".
Choose an app you would like to prevent from opening during an Opal session, for example, "Instagram" or "Twitter". Tap "Done", then tap "Next".
Tap "Add Action" and search for "Opal". Tap "Block App Open".
Tap "App (must be selected)". Choose the same app you selected in step 3 and would like to prevent from opening during an Opal session. For example "Instagram" or "Twitter". Tap "Next".
On the summary screen (showing When "App" is opened, Do "Block App Open"), Toggle off "Ask Before Running".Confirm by hitting "Don't Ask". Tap "Done".
That's it! Try opening this app during your next Opal Session to experience it. Repeat this process for other apps you want to block with Opal.

Note: You need version 2.18 of Opal or above. You can check you app version by opening the Opal app, going to settings, and scrolling all the way at the bottom. You can update your version of Opal here.