Opal Saved Humans Over 70 Million Hours (And Counting)

Another clear measurable impact we're having on humans using the Opal app is we're saving them their time.

June 12, 2024

Opal’s mission is to help people focus better. Focus however, is hard to measure (even though we're looking forward to help scientific research on that topic). Another clear measurable impact we're having on humans using the Opal app is we're saving them their time.

Time Saved Thanks to Opal Each Day

During the onboarding of the Opal app, people declare their existing screen time. We then measure their actual total screen time from the moment they start using the Opal app. Clear evidence shows that people's screen time significantly reduces after they begin using Opal, with an average decrease of 1 hour and 23 minutes per day.  (Nov-Dec 2023 average).

An Opal gem saved 1 hour 23 Minutes per day in less screen time, on average

Time Saved Thanks To Opal, Cumulative

We're thankful that our community is growing every day. When we add together everyone is actively using the Opal app and saving time, we’re able to calculate the impact we're having on the world. This number keeps growing and is displayed on the homepage of our website.

As of June 2024, Opal saved the world over 72 Million hours in less screen time

Time for Focused Activity.

That's a lot of hours, you'll say. But what are they used for? Well, we're thrilled to receive every day stories through customer feedback, reviews, and surveys. They paint the picture of the focused activities that people are doing in this time.

We hear from students who are succeeding at school, from people who are finally able to launch this creative project they've been pushing back, people spending more time with kids and family, picking up a hobby or a sport, and generally feeling more productive and happier.

You can read our comprehensive impact survey on this topic.

Thank you for being a part of the Opal community and helping us spread our mission and grow our impact on the world.

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