Join Greta of Team Opal! 

Founder’s Associate at Opal and mathematics & economics student at Brown University, Greta will be hosting Pomodoro focus session livestreams on Youtube & Linkedin along with soothing nature sounds to help Gems self-regulate and stay focused. For Greta, social accountability is a must when staying productive, so she hopes these sessions will help Gems stay in flow!

Here is what to expect:

🚪 Upon entering the stream, you'll be invited to share your goals for the session so we can all keep each other on track! #GroupAccountability

⏳ Along with the usual Pomodoro structure of 50 minutes of work and 10 minutes of break, we'll celebrate our progress on our goals at each break. Give kudos to each other for getting good work done!

⭐️ We recommend thinking about what work you want to bring to Opal Flow Session beforehand and treat the time as a special opportunity to get into flow and work on what’s important to you.

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During these sessions, you'll focus on writing, reading, coding, designing, emailing, or anything else you want to focus on!

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How it works
A holographic laptop icon.
Show Up
Join a small group of people here to work together. Turn on your camera for a live, video co-working session.
A psychedelic icon of a pencil.
Set a goal
Everyone will set their goal for the session, guided by our host. You can turn on audio to stream hand picked work music.
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Tune in, together
Feel the energy? The group will help you focus and leave distractions out. Start an Opal session to make the most of it.