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How can I edit my Focus Score?

Focus Score® uses live data from your phone’s activity to measure your focus automatically, so you have the power to change. Focus Score® analyses your pickups, notifications, and time spent on different apps and websites to give you the best picture of your focus. You can edit the "App Ratings" of each app or website to change Focus Score and better adapt it to how apps hurt or enhance your Focus.

How To edit Your App Ratings

You can edit how Apps change your focus score, here is how:
-From you Opal home screen, tap on the Score tab or on the 3 dots next to your focus state
-At the top left tap on "Edit" next to Score
-Select the level of focus of your apps (very distracting /slightly distracting / neutral / slightly focused / very focused)

How to Exclude apps from Screen Time calculation

If you set apps as “Neutral” they won’t count in your screen time calculation displayed in your Profile and shared with Friends or the Leaderboard.

For navigation, music, meditation, audiobook, or other apps you consider as passive consumption, this can be very helpful.

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