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Opal is freezing or crashing when I select apps or websites

We have recently identified a problem with Opal, wherein the application may freeze or crash when users select the "Other" category or search for specific apps/websites to block.

This issue has been documented, along with a video demonstration, in the following tweet:

The cause of this problem is an issue with Apple's Screen Time API, which needs to be addressed by Apple's development team.

We understand the inconvenience this issue may cause and appreciate your patience while we work to resolve it. In the meantime, please continue to monitor this support center article for updates regarding a solution. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our support team.

If you are a developer with an Apple Developer Account
To help expedite a solution, we kindly request your assistance in reporting this bug to Apple.
Please follow the steps outlined below.
How to report the bug to Apple:

  1. Visit the Apple Developer Forums and navigate to the relevant thread:
  2. Log in to your Apple Developer Account.
  3. Click on "Reply" and provide a detailed description of the issue, including the following information:a. Device and operating system version (e.g., iPhone 12, iOS 15.3).b. Steps to reproduce the problem.c. Screenshots or a link to the video demonstration of the issue (if applicable).
  4. Once you have provided all necessary information, click "Submit" to report the bug.

By reporting the issue through the Apple Developer Forums, we can collectively encourage Apple to prioritize a fix for this problem. Your contribution is greatly appreciated, and we thank you for your support in improving the Opal experience for all users.


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