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How to use social Sessions with friends, colleagues or family

With Social Sessions, you can invite anyone to join and focus together with them for the duration of your session. They join your session, and you know for sure apps are blocked on their device, too!

Why Start a Social Session?

Social Sessions are a great way to focus together and unplug. When you are you in session, you and your friends are blocking apps and focusing together. If you friend leaves the session, you will know. This creates accountability which can help you focus a lot better.

Here are a few popular ways this feature is used:

  • Couples who want to reclaim their time together
  • Coworkers who are working through an important deadline
  • Students working on a project or studying together.

You can turn any Session into a Social Session by inviting friends to it.

How to create a Social Session

You can turn any Session into a Social Session by inviting friends to it.

Here's how to do it:

  • Start a Session from the Home Screen or Session tab
  • Tap '+Add' Next to Invite Friends
  • Share the invite link with your Friends
  • When friends join, you will see them show up in your session! You can recognize their profile picture and Gem name.

How to join a Social Session

Anyone can join a Social Session. Once someone creates a Social Session, they can invite you to it by sharing the invite link.

When you click the invite link, here is what happens:

If you already have the Opal app installed: you will join the social session with your friends. You be asked to select which apps you want to block during the session.

If you don't have Opal installed: you will be asked to download the Opal app, and go through a simple onboarding (without a paywall! it's free) to set you up. Then you will join the session with your friends.

That's it!

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