March 9, 2023

Press Update: Opal is Global App of the Day, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

We've been busy building Opal and making improvements to the app every single week. Some people are starting to notice!

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What a week! We've been busy building Opal and making improvements to the app every single week. Some people are starting to notice! Here is the summary of some of the kudos we received:


Apple was Global app of the day in 150+ countries on March 3rd 2023.

‎App of the Day: Opal: Screen Time for Focus

The New York Times

Everything You Need to Break Up With Your Phone, From Free Tricks to Phone Safes

"Opal restricts your access to certain apps during specific user-determined windows of time. With the free version, you can create one “session”—mine is dedicated to blocking TikTok and Instagram during work hours. In the past, I would lose hours to those apps (if you’re my boss reading this: just kidding), but now, I barely think of using them because I know my attempts will be futile. I actually look forward to my social media time now, and it makes using those apps meaningful in a way that it never was before. Opal Pro is fairly pricey (about $100 per year or $20 per month), but consider upgrading if you want the ability to create unlimited recurring sessions. Opal Pro also has a Deep Focus mode, which prevents you from canceling your session or bypassing the timer."

Wall Street Journal

How 20 Seconds Can Make You a Better Investor

"Opal says roughly 5% of its 100,000 active users rely on the app to help spend less time on finance apps, and 22% use it to block shopping apps such as Inc."

In France..

In France, we’ve been live on TV on the leading business channel BFM business and I've had a change to talk to the JDN about the global day of unplugging.

On to greater things!

There is a better way to focus

With a combination of app restrictions, real time feedback and rewards, you can begin to focus better and accomplish your dreams.

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