Opal is remote-first

We are fully remote and global from day 1, stretching across 4 continents. We aim to operate a best in class 2021 remote company. Our current team members are in the US, UK, France and Poland.

Opal makes technology happy

Do you believe technology should be used to help people, rather than harm them? We are building the future of digital wellbeing, helping people take control over their screens and use time intentionally.

A photo of Kenneth, CEO of Opal, writing on a whiteboard.A photo of the Opal Team listening attentively to a presentation.A photo of Bernard and Malak of Team Opal as they discuss over their laptops.A photo of Kenneth, Randy and Matt of Team Opal having a focused discussion over their laptops.A photo of Kenneth, CEO of Opal, presenting something at a whiteboard.A photo of Amrith and Christine of Team Opal having a discussion while standing.A photo of Malak, Amrith, and Bernard of Team Opal, smiling as they observe their laptop screens.

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Our team has worked for the likes of Google, Sunrise, Foursquare, Product Hunt and more.

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