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The Opal Impact

of Opal members are less distracted
are more productive thanks to the app
save at least 1 hour daily thanks to the app
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experience improved mental health
significantly improve their screen time
Of Opal members use social media less than before.
Save more than 1 hour each day with Opal sessions.
Reported to be more productive than before*.
Based on an internal study using survey data from general Opal customers
I'm Opal
Your screen time assistant.
I will help you take control of your phone, save time and focus better so you can create, work and thrive each day.
Once you install me on your phone, I have the power to disconnect distracting apps like Instagram, Twitter and many others until you decide to use them.
Together we'll learn to use apps consciously. Everytime you open a distracting app, I will help you set an intention and use that app on a timer.
We'll also set a daily time saving goal, and track your progress. When you stay mindful, you save time for better things.
My makers care about privacy and security. I work 100% locally on your phone. Information about your browsing never leaves your device.

Once installed on your phone, Opal can disconnect distracting apps like Instagram, Twitter and many others from the internet until you decide to use them.

How we spend our time defines who we are

Today, we spend more waking hours on screens than in real life. That time is unguarded and much of it gets stolen from us. When our time is stolen, we cannot be in control of our life.

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Now is the time to finally hit reset

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Take control
and save hours

Disconnect distracting apps until you choose to use them.

Time Illustration
Track time
you save

Set a daily time saving goal and track your progress.

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Use apps

To use an app while Opal is on, set an intention and launch a timer

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and secure

Opal works 100% locally
on your phone.

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Opal gently brings your focus back, not your guilt.

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Set it,
forget it, enjoy

Opal works in the background, protecting you from distractions.

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These days, focusing for school and exams can be really tough. We offer discounts for current students and academics, so please fill out a quick application to our education program.

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Join a world-class team of makers and entrepreneurs that worked in the past for Product Hunt, Google, Sunrise and Foursquare. We operate fully remotely, building the future of digital wellbeing together.

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