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How to Block Twitter On an iPhone

Forget your Twitter addiction and remain present in your life. Learn how to block Twitter on iPhone in our guide.

October 10, 2022

Many of us use Twitter to stay updated about the latest trends. It's where most of us post what we're up to, our funny jokes, and our hottest takes — all in exchange for likes and retweets from our circle of friends and even random strangers.

And while it's addicting to get validation in the form of these likes and retweets, too much of it can be unhealthy. In fact, it often affects our well-being, productivity, and lifestyle negatively.

However, you can be in control of your time on your phone's screen. You can easily block Twitter and focus on the more urgent things in your life.

Let's find out how to block Twitter on iPhone below.

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How To Block Twitter on iPhone Through iTunes & App Store Purchases 

One of the most practical ways to limit your time on Twitter is by deleting the app itself. You won't be able to see it on your home screen anymore. But if you struggle with discipline, you can always redownload and reinstall the app on your iPhone again.

That's why one of the first methods on how to block any app on iPhone is through the iTunes & App Store Purchases feature. Here's how: 

Step 1. Go to Screen Time. 

After deleting the Twitter app on your iPhone, click on the gear icon on your home screen, known as Settings. Next, scroll a bit down and click Screen Time. 

Step 2. Click Content & Privacy Restrictions. 

On the Screen Time panel, look for Content & Privacy Restrictions. You'll see this menu below the Always Allowed option.

Step 3. Enable Content & Privacy Restrictions. 

After clicking Content & Privacy Restrictions, a new page where you can enable or disable your iPhone's Content & Privacy Restrictions features will appear. Press the toggle button until it becomes green to enable this option.

Step 4. Press iTunes & App Store Purchases. 

Upon enabling the features of the Content & Privacy Restrictions menu, you'll gain access to several other options. But for this method to work, tap iTunes & App Store Purchases.

Step 5. Tap Installing Apps. 

Under the Store Purchases & Redownloads section, click Installing Apps to prevent yourself from redownloading and reinstalling Twitter on your iPhone.

Step 6. Press Don't Allow. 

Once you're on a new page, you can choose between two options: Allow or Don't Allow. To disable new downloads from the App Store, make sure you've checked Don't Allow.  

Time To Be Productive
Say goodbye to Twitter and hello to productivity with Opal
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How to Block Twitter on iPhone Through Downtime 

If you don't want to delete your Twitter app, you can try an alternative method that involves your iPhone's Downtime feature.

Step 1. Go to Screen Time.

Like the first method, you must go to Screen Time under your iPhone's Settings. Here, you'll see the time you spend on your apps. It will also show you the ranking of your most used apps.

Step 2. Tap Downtime.

Apart from Content & Privacy Restrictions, you'll also see three other options: Downtime, App Limits, and Always Allowed under the Screen Time panel. While each feature lets you block Twitter on your iPhone, pressing Downtime will allow you to set up a schedule for your time away from your screen.

Step 3. Enable Downtime. 

Next, press the toggle button to enable all the features of the Downtime menu. This option should turn green once enabled.

Step 4. Set Up your Downtime Schedule. 

After enabling Downtime, customize the frequency of your Downtime schedule by setting it up every day or on certain days of the week. You'll also only have access to your phone calls and Always Allowed apps.

Step 5. Modify Always Allowed Apps. 

During your Downtime schedule, you'll automatically lose access to Twitter. But if you can still use the app, go to the Always Allowed menu on the Screen Time panel. Then, make sure you've removed Twitter.

How To Block Facebook On iPhone Through App Limits 

As mentioned previously, each option found under the Screen Time panel blocks your access to Twitter. For this method, you can place time limits on different app categories.

Step 1. Go to Screen Time. 

Make sure you're on the Screen Time menu under Settings.

Step 2. Tap App Limits. 

Look for App Limits below the Downtime option. Here, you can set time limits for an app category to block access to the apps that fall under that particular cluster.

Step 3. Press Add Limit. 

Next, you can add a time limit to a particular app category by tapping Add Limit.

Step 4. Choose An App Category. 

By pressing Add Limit, you'll be brought to a new page where you can choose a particular app category. Since we're blocking Twitter, select the Social Networking app category or the All Apps & Categories.

Step 5. Schedule Time Limit. 

Once you've selected an app category, you can proceed by customizing your time limit and the days when you don't want to access Twitter.

Time To Be Productive
Say goodbye to Twitter and hello to productivity with Opal
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Twitter, like many other social media sites, is designed to be addictive.

Even if you downloaded Twitter with good intentions, it's hard not to fall victim to the addictive algorithm. Soon, you're receiving hundreds of likes and retweets to your most recent update, video, or photo.

If you're looking for a way to block Twitter so you can be more present in your life, Opal is here to help. Opal, the #1 Screen Time App, is designed to help you schedule your days, block distracting apps and focus fully, on any device.

Here's how to block Twitter with Opal:

  1. Download Opal from the App Store and sync the Chrome extension;
  2. Create an App Group to block specific social media sites, like Twitter;
  3. Start a session.

Yes, it's that easy! While you'll still be able to open the Twitter app or visit the website, you won't be able to refresh your feed and see any new posts.

Say hello to focusing on better things.

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