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How to Block Instagram on iPhone

Check out how to block Instagram on iPhone and say goodbye to the app for good! Here's the easiest ways to lose access to Instagram.

August 25, 2022

If you find yourself scrolling through Instagram for the majority of the day, you may have already wondered whether this behavior was normal. Instead of studying for an exam or working on a task, you spend hours looking through your followers’ photos, reels, and stories.

But what if we told you that many people also struggle with this problem?

Like you, they’ve become addicted to Instagram’s algorithm so much that it’s already taken a toll on their productivity and well-being. However, there’s a simple way to regulate your time on Instagram and get your footing back – by simply blocking the app.

Find out how to block the Instagram app on iPhone easily and quickly here.

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How to Block Instagram App Through Downtime Schedule

The quickest way to block Instagram on your iPhone and prevent you from getting addicted is by deleting the app. But if you want to continue having it on your phone, you can always restrict your use.

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1. Go to Screen Time on your iPhone’s Settings.

Your iPhone’s Screen Time panel gives you an overview of how much time you’ve spent on your productivity apps, social networking apps, and many more. But it also lets you set your usage and content restrictions.

Step 2. Tap Downtime.

By enabling Downtime, you can schedule the amount of time you’ll be on screen. You’ll also only be able to access your phone calls and Always Allowed apps.

Step 3. Set Your Downtime Schedule.

Once you’ve enabled Downtime, you can begin customizing how frequent and long your time away from the screen will be. You can set your limit every day or only on specific days of the week.

How to Block Instagram App Through App Limits 

Alternatively, you can also block any app on iPhone such as Instagram through the App Limits option on the Screen Time panel.

Simply follow these steps below:

Step 1. Tap Add Limit.

Unlike Downtime, the Add Limit option lets you set a daily limit for your app categories. In addition, it restricts the amount of time you can spend on a cluster of apps.

Step 2. Press Social Networking or All Apps & Categories.

Under the Add Limit option, you can choose among different app categories you want to restrict. Since Instagram falls in the Social Networking category, make sure to select this option. But you can also choose All Apps & Categories.

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Step 3. Add a Limit Schedule.

After selecting an app category, you can now set the amount of time you can use these apps.

How to Block Instagram App Through iTunes & App Store Purchases 

If you want to block Instagram by deleting the app on your iPhone, you can prevent yourself from reinstalling it again through iTunes & App Store Purchases. 

Here’s what you should do:

Step 1. Enable Content & Privacy Restrictions.

You can block inappropriate content and app downloads by enabling the Content & Privacy Restrictions on the Screen Time panel.

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Step 2. Tap iTunes & App Store Purchases.

Since your goal is to prevent yourself from downloading the Instagram app again, you’ll need to modify your iTunes and App Store options.

Step 3. Set Don’t Allow on Installing Apps.

Under the iTunes & App Store Purchases panel, select Installing Apps and set the option to Don’t Allow to block store purchases and redownloads.


Instagram, like many other social media sites, is designed to be addictive.

Even if you downloaded Instagram with good intentions, like connecting with your family and friends, it's hard not to fall victim to the addictive algorithm. Soon, you're receiving hundreds of likes on your most recent vacation photo, watching Reel after Reel and tapping through stories of people you haven't talked to in years.

If you're looking for a way to block Instagram so you can be more present in your life, Opal is here to help. Opal, the #1 Screen Time App, is designed to help you schedule your days, block distracting apps and focus fully, on any device.

Here's how to block Instagram with Opal:

1. Download Opal from the App Store and sync the Chrome extension;

2. Create an App Group to block specific social media sites, like Instagram;

3. Start a session.

Yes, it's that easy! While you'll still be able to open the Instagram app or visit the website, you won't be able to refresh your feed and see any new posts. And if you want to block an app that's not on Opal's block list, it's easy! Here's how.

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