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How to Block Facebook On an iPhone

Are you looking for ways to stop your Facebook addiction? Check out this guide to learn how to block Facebook on iPhone.

September 2, 2022

Facebook has taken the internet for the longest time. It has created a wave of people who spend most of their time using it to connect with their family and friends, share stories and videos, and post memorable photos on their walls.

But if you have ADHD, you'll find it challenging to manage your time on this addicting app. Yet does that mean you can no longer stay productive and focus on your daily tasks and well-being?

Of course not! You can always control your time on Facebook by blocking the app on your phone. Find out how to block Facebook on iPhone below.

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How to Block Facebook on iPhone Through Downtime 

There are different ways to block Facebook on your iPhone. Regardless of the method, it will heavily rely on the Screen Time feature.

Under this menu, you'll see many options to manage your time on Facebook. But let's walk you through Downtime first.

Step 1. Tap Screen Time. 

On your Settings, tap the Screen Time feature. This tool will give you an overview of the amount of time you spend on a particular cluster of apps and a ranking of your most used apps.

Step 2. Set Up Screen Time Password.

Although optional, a Screen Time password will help you control your Facebook addiction. You can set up your four-digit password by tapping the Use Screen Time Passcode option.

Our friendly tip when creating your Screen Time password is to ensure it's unique. You can set up a password different from your lock screen password, so you won't easily change your settings.

Step 3. Press Downtime. 

Under Screen Time, you'll see a set of tools available: Downtime, App Limits, Always Allowed, and Content & Privacy Restrictions.

By pressing Downtime, you'll be able to control your time away from your phone. You can set a schedule to restrict access to most of your iPhone's apps, like Facebook.

Step 4. Enable Downtime. 

After that, you'll move on to a menu that allows you to enable or disable the feature. Make sure the toggle button is green to maximize the benefits of this tool. 

Step 5. Customize Downtime Schedule. 

Enabling Downtime brings you to another menu. Here, you'll have the option to schedule your time away from your iPhone.

You can choose to turn on Downtime every day or on certain days. Once scheduled, you'll only have access to Always Allowed apps and phone calls.

Step 6. Customize Always Allowed Apps.

Facebook is one of the apps that you'll lose access to when Downtime is on. But if it's currently part of your Always Allowed apps, you can always remove it.

Simply go back to the Screen Time panel and tap on the Always Allowed option. Then, customize it accordingly to ensure that Facebook isn't part of it.

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How to Block Facebook On iPhone Through App Limits

If you want access to other apps for productivity or entertainment, you can block Facebook on your iPhone through App Limits instead.

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1. Tap Screen Time.

Like Downtime, you'll have to go to the Screen Time panel to access App Limits.

Step 2. Press App Limits.

App Limits allows you to set daily time limits for a particular app category. That means you'll only have access to a cluster of apps for a specific amount of time.

Step 3. Tap Add Limit.

Next, you'll move to another menu that lets you add a time limit to a specific app category. Just press Add Limit to control your Facebook usage.

Step 4. Choose An App Category.

You'll see several app categories that contain different clusters of apps. Since you're aiming to manage your Facebook addiction, tap the Social Networking category.

This category should include the Facebook app. It also includes other social networking apps like Instagram and Twitter.

You can also choose All Apps & Categories. However, this option will block your access to other apps as well.

Step 5. Schedule Time Limit.

After selecting an app category, you can already set your daily time limit. You can also customize the days when it will take effect.

How to Block Facebook On iPhone Through iTunes & App Store Purchases

Another alternative method to block any app on your iPhone such as Facebook is through iTunes & App Store Purchases. This option is best done when you've decided to delete the app.

Simply follow these steps below:

Step 1. Tap Screen Time.

Once you've deleted the Facebook app on your iPhone, go to the Screen Time panel.

Step 2. Press Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Scroll down a bit and press Content & Privacy Restrictions. This option should be below the Always Allowed feature.

Step 3. Enable Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Ensure you've enabled the Content & Privacy Restrictions to maximize its features. The toggle button should be green by now.

Step 4. Tap iTunes & App Store Purchases.

After enabling the Content & Privacy Restrictions feature, tap the iTunes & App Store Purchases menu.

Step 5. Tap Installing Apps.

Tapping the iTunes & App Restrictions menu will bring you to another page. Here, you'll see a section called Store Purchases & Redownloads.

You'll also see three options under this section: Installing Apps, Deleting Apps, and In-App Purchases. To prevent yourself from downloading and reinstalling Facebook, tap Installing Apps.

Step 6. Set the option to Don't Allow.

Disable new app downloads on your iPhone by tapping Don't Allow. After this, you can no longer reinstall Facebook and other apps from the App Store.

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How to Block Facebook On iPhone Through Content Restrictions 

A lesser-known way of blocking your access to Facebook is through Content Restrictions. Unlike the previous methods, this hides the app on your iPhone.

Here’s what you can do:

Step 1. Tap Screen Time.

Go to the Screen Time panel to access Content Restrictions. Again, you'll see this feature on your iPhone's Settings.

Step 2. Press Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Below the Always Allowed feature, tap Content & Privacy Restrictions and enable the toggle button.

Step 3. Tap Content Restrictions.

You'll see three options upon enabling Content & Privacy Restrictions: iTunes & App Store Purchase, Allowed Apps, and Content Restrictions. To hide the Facebook app and restrict your access, tap Content Restrictions.

Step 4. Press Apps.

Tapping Content Restrictions will bring you to another page. Press Apps under the Allowed Store Content section.

Step 5. Choose Restriction.

To hide the Facebook app on your iPhone, set the restrictions to 9+. This option will block and hide apps with an age restriction of 9 and above.

Since Facebook has an age restriction of 12+ on the App Store, you won't see its app on your home screen anymore. You can also choose Don't Allow Apps to hide all your iPhone apps.


Facebook, like many other social media sites, is designed to be addictive.

Even if you downloaded Facebook with good intentions, like connecting with your family and friends, it's hard not to fall victim to the addictive algorithm. Soon, you're receiving hundreds of likes on your most recent vacation photo, watching Reel after Reel and tapping through stories of people you haven't talked to in years.

If you're looking for a way to block Facebook so you can be more present in your life, Opal is here to help. Opal, the #1 Screen Time App, is designed to help you schedule your days, block distracting apps and focus fully, on any device.

Here's how to block Facebook with Opal:

  1. Download Opal from the App Store and sync the Chrome extension;
  2. Create an App Group to block specific social media sites, like Facebook;
  3. Start a session.

Yes, it's that easy! While you'll still be able to open the Facebook app or visit the website, you won't be able to refresh your feed and see any new posts.

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