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Shield illustration
#1 Blocker
Instantly block apps and websites you choose. It’s safe, precise and doesn’t affect internet speed.
Calendar illustration
Set daily working hours, sleep and routines, block apps automatically, so you don’t have to remember.
A holographic clock icon in the Opal branding style.
Start to focus right away with Timer, choose your goal, apps to block and a time. Stay focused on task.
A holographic cocktail icon in the Opal branding colours.
Use apps without mindless scrolling. Choose the app you want to use, write your intention and set a timer.
A holographic lightbulb icon in the Opal branding colours.
Get timely reminder notifications when you get distracted or reach a time limit.
Holographic icon of a shield, in the Opal brand colours.
Secure VPN
Private and secure. 100% local VPN. Information about your browsing never leaves your device.
A psychedelic icon of a pencil.
Get actionable screen time stats, track your progress, and learn how to improve you days.
A holographic compass icon in the Opal branding colours.
Connect iPhone shortcut automations to make Opal impossible to bypass, so you can stay focused.
A holographic laptop icon.
Cross Device
Browser extensions and iPhone app will stay in sync and block relevant apps and websites when needed.
Holographic icon of headphones
Deep Focus
Use for maximum protection, you can’t cancel or bypass the timer you set. Stick to your plans.
A psychedelic icon of a clock.
Start a Pomodoro to focus and rest in short instances following the celebrated productivity technique.
A holographic map icon in the Opal branding colours.
View in real time all apps and websites that are connecting to your devices with our DNS log.
A holographic Opal heart icon.
More Fun
Opal is guilt-free and fun. Pick your background and app icon to one that suits your mood.
A holographic palm tree icon in the Opal branding colours.
Set Opal to your iPhone home screen! See you status, timer and stats instantly.
A holographic monocular icon in the Opal branding colours.
Block Trackers
Opal will block trackers and ads from accessing your device, stay safe and private.
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