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Can I block an app that's not on Opal's list? (iOS)

Although the Opal VPN only supports blocking apps on our list, we just added the ability block ANY app via our Siri Shortcut integration. See 🌀How to block ANY app with Opal? (Including Games)  (iOS)

We know Opal's list of apps is not exhaustive, so we are looking to expand the list of apps that Opal can block! Our local VPN blocks the connection requests your phone makes when it launches a distracting app on our list, so for now there isn't a way to automatically add your own app to Opal's list.

We would love take your request to add an app/website to our list. We love hearing from all our gems. If you would like to see an app or website added to our list, please:

  • open your settings in Opal,
  • scroll down and select "Request App to Block".
  • Here you will be able to submit a new request.

For any other feature request: Request a feature on Opal