April 7, 2022

Introducing Opal Buddies

We believe willpower and self-control are closest in reach when a dear friend or loved one is right by your side supporting you.

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At Opal, we are constantly experimenting with ways to help you best avoid distraction, and stay focused on achieving your goals. Whether by disconnecting apps from the internet, or forcing you to write intentions, we attempt to harness positive external forces to keep you on track.

This led us to explore harnessing one of the most powerful and positive forces there is; the support of our family and friends around us.

We believe willpower and self-control are closest in reach when a dear friend or loved one is right by your side supporting you. And so, we built Opal Buddies. Simply add a contact, choose which apps to alert them about, and when you get off-track on an app we will send them a message.

So far, hundreds of you have already added a buddy on Opal. And it’s paying off. A powerful accountability dynamic is being created between gems and their brothers, sisters, friends, significant others, and even parents 😊

1. If you want to add a buddy, go to Opal Settings, and tap on “Your Buddies"

2. Then, tap “Add new Buddy”

3. From there, you can select a contact from your device.

4. After adding the buddy, you can change the list of apps that they will be notified about when you go off-track by using them.

We’d love to hear your feedback on Opal Buddies. We hope to build a mechanism that helps you keep your peers on track, and vice-versa. Because when you win, the people around you win too.

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