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January 29, 2021

Phones Can Make Us Happy

Now is the time to reset how we spend time on our screens. We can and must rewire our screens for mindfulness.
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How we spend our time defines who we are.

Today, we spend more waking hours on screens than in real life. That time is unguarded and much of it gets stolen from us.

When our time is stolen, we cannot be in control of our lives.

Some companies specialize in stealing our time on screens, using features like notifications, infinite scrolling, A.I. curated feeds, subconscious triggers and disappearing stories. These distraction companies use advanced science to hook us and make us lose control.

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When we choose to spend time on apps, it can be wonderful. We can laugh, be amazed, learn from friends, see the world and connect in new ways. However, we often stay on these apps for longer than we would like, and we even unintentionally open them. When we lose our time in this way we often feel guilty, frustrated or anxious. We often feel like we have wasted our time, our creativity, and our potential. We have been distracted.

Distraction companies have turned our screens into mindless distraction devices.

We have settled for too long.

Self-control is not enough to fight addiction science. Screentime settings are no match.

Now is the time to reset how we spend time on our screens. We can and must rewire our screens for mindfulness.

Together, we will take back control of our screens, and start to:

  • identify and block distractions
  • set intentions
  • use apps on timers and set gentle reminders
  • feel good about the time we do spend on screens
  • learn about our screen time, identify patterns of behavior and our different emotional states
  • receive personalized nudges that will help us find balance each day
  • receive support from friends

Every one of us deserves control over our lives - and our time.

With more control over how we spend our time, we can become our best selves. Whether that is a better friend, lover, parent, musician, financier, athlete, or chef, that is up to us.

When we take back control over our screens, we will have a powerful tool to fulfill our potential each and every day.

There is a better way to focus

With a combination of app restrictions, real time feedback and rewards, you can begin to focus better and accomplish your dreams.

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