February 15, 2023

Opal Reaches 500K Downloads

Today, Opal reached 500k downloads.But that's not all. Since 2021, we've helped members get over 50 Million hours of focus.
Kenneth Schlenker
Kenneth Schlenker
Founder & CEO

I’m founder and CEO of Opal, the leading screen time app with a mission to empower humans to focus better every day.

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Today, Opal reached 500k downloads.

But that's not all. Since 2021, we've helped members get over 50 Million hours of focus. For context, that's about 5,700 Years.

Opal Reaches 500K downloads on Feb 15, 2023.

We've seen some life-changing impact:

- 93% experience increased productivity

- 94% are less distracted

- 90% experience improved wellbeing

- 2h+ saved daily on average thanks to the app

To learn more, read the full results of our Impact Survey.

Because when we focus better day to day, we can accomplish our dreams.

We're just getting started. In the next 10 years, people will be as conscious of their screen time as they are of their diet.

Our next step is to reach 1 Million Opal monthly actives on the world's greatest Screen Time software.

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