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Alternatives to Scrolling

March 22, 2021
Opal Mascot
Team Opal
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For many people, moments of boredom is the only trigger needed to take out one's phone and start scrolling. However, if you can identify the urge to take out your phone, before actually doing so, then you have come across a great opportunity for self improvement. Instead of turning to your device, choose an alternative activity.

Let's look at a few activities you can do instead of scrolling, that are more healthy, more pleasant, and more rewarding.

Be Mindful

Take a few moments to do nothing. Sit there in silence. Take a few deep breaths, or observe and take-in your surroundings. In the beginning it may feel weird, but you'll get the hang of sitting still soon enough.

Read a book

Turning pages is much more rewarding then scrolling through a feed. Knowing this, try bringing a book everywhere you go. Every time you have a free moment, take out your book and start reading. Ideally, the content is light so that it is easy to pick up and read 1 page before putting it back down again for later.

Strike up a conversation

If you're in the presence of a friend or loved one, then that's easy; talk to them. If you're alone, strike up a conversation with a stranger. You will feel more human connection in a 1 minute mundane conversation about the weather, than if you had spent 5 minutes scrolling though Twitter.

Go for a walk

If possible, take a few minutes for a brief walk. Whether it is outside or not, getting your body moving is both relaxing and energizing.


If you are near your workspace, take the down-time to re-organize.


Similar to carrying a book, if you prefer to draw, carry a small notebook wherever you go!

Although many people will claim while scrolling that they, "have nothing better to be doing," it turns out that once you eliminate your phone, you will find that there are several better things you can be doing; anytime, anywhere.

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