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February 17, 2021

What Intentions Are and How To Set Them

Learning to be more intentional can help you feel more focused, improve your productivity, and become more present in your daily lives.
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Do you find yourself easily unmotivated? Learning to be more intentional can help you feel more focused, improve your productivity, and become more present in your daily life.

The Importance of Being Intentional

Being intentional is about clarifying why you are making each decision, and how that will affect you in the future. Taking steps to make more intentional decisions can help you with impulse control. Setting bigger-picture intentions can help you gain clarity about where you currently are in life, and where you want to go. Individuals who are intentional about their lives are more productive, happy, and motivated.

The Bigger Picture

Without setting clear intentions, we may find ourselves lost in the daily humdrum of life with no clear purpose behind why we’re doing what we’re doing. An important step to becoming more intentional is to understand what you want… where do you see yourself in 6 months from now? A year? What actions do you have to take to become this new person?

Being Mindful of What You Do and Who You Do It With

Always keep your big-picture goals in mind as you go about your daily life—invest time and energy in the activities and people that help you progress towards this goal. By being careful with your time and energy, you might find that some activities don’t help you towards your goals. Figure out ways to minimize or eliminate these completely. Instead, focus on maximizing the parts of your day that excite you or bring you closer to becoming a happier, better individual.

Becoming More Intentional With Opal

To become more intentional with Opal, set intentions that align with your bigger-picture goals. If you want to become more productive, for example, ask yourself if this is truly necessary each time you want to check your distracting apps. You might find that you’re better off putting your phone down and getting back to work.

Setting goals and understanding yourself are at the core of intentionality. With so many distractions getting in the way of living purposeful and meaningful lives, we want to help you get back on track with Opal. That's why taking a break from your session brings up our intention screen—we aim to nudge you towards taking breaks only when you truly need it.

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