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Opal for Chrome was successfully installed!
Click    to the right of the address bar. Then click   next to    to pin it.
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Welcome to Opal for Chrome, gem!

Join 100,000+ people reducing screen time, focus better, and develop healthier screen habits.

Your First Steps with Opal

Download Chrome Extension 
Block distracting websites on your desktop!
Pin Opal chrome extension
Click    to the right of the address bar. Then click   next to    to pin it.
Log in to your account
💡 You need an active Opal Account in order to sign in to the Chrome Extension. You can create one here.

There are 2 ways to log in to the extension:
- If you created your Opal account from opal.so, log in using the Email / Password you set up.
- if you created your Opal account from the iPhone App, click Log in from iOS.
Set up a Schedule
Automatically block distractions at a certain time of day, e.g during work. To create or edit a schedule, open the chrome extension and scroll down to Schedule card.
Set up iOS App
If you haven't already, download the iPhone app and start focusing there, too. You can log in with the same account.
Sync Opal iOS with Chrome Extension
Whenever you start to focus session on your iPhone Opal will automatically block website on desktop! To do that toggle "Sync with iOS" on the chrome extension and go to Opal settings on your iPhone and tap "Chrome Extension". Scan QR code or log in to sync!

⚠️ Important: sync only works one-way from your iPhone. Although your Sessions will automatically be imported from your iPhone to your Chrome extension, you will need to recreate the Block List in the Chrome extension to select websites you want to block.
Reduce screen time and get more done!
Set Up Opal Further!