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Opal will block apps from your phone and desktop while you’re focusing, and you can always take a break to bring them back temporarily.

On Your Schedule

Screens help us get stuff done, share and connect.  But then there’s the rest of the time —mindless distraction holding us back from achieving our dreams.

Focus Session® allows you to schedule time to focus, and block apps that distract you from your phone and desktop. Pick a time, apps to block, and set the protection level you need. It’s safe, precise and doesn’t affect internet speed.


50,000 Apps

Pick any app, game, or website to block. Use our preset categories - such as Social Media - to go faster.


Scheduled Sessions

Set daily working hours, sleep and routines, start Sessions automatically, so you don’t have to remember.



Start to focus right away with Timer; choose your goal, apps to block, and a time. Stay focused on task.



Take a break to use apps without mindless scrolling. Set a timer to keep you in check.


Deep Focus

Use for maximum protection; you can’t cancel or bypass the timer you set. Stick to your plans.


Social Sessions

Invite friends to focus together. They join your session, and you know for sure apps are blocked on their device, too!

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