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4 hours. That’s the average time you’ll spend looking at your phone today. With a combination of app restrictions, real time feedback and rewards, you can begin to focus better and accomplish your dreams, just like Opal’s members.

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Opal will remove apps from your phone and desktop while you’re focusing, and you can always take a break to bring them back temporarily.
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Block List

Pick any app, game, or website to remove. Use our preset categories - such as Social Media - to go faster.

Precious Rewards

Get rewarded on your journey towards better Focus with unique MileStones you can unlock and share with friends.


Meet the Opal community, and help 1Bn people focus day to day (and accomplish their dreams).

Focus Reminders

Get reminded to be intentional when your Session starts or when you're taking a break.


Get inspired by others from the community with our daily leaderboard, highlighting the most focused of us directly in the app.

Shortcuts Integration

Connect iPhone shortcut automations to start/stop Focus Sessions based on app opens, time, location and more!

Cross Device

Opal browser extensions and iPhone app will stay in sync and block relevant apps and websites when needed.

iOS Widgets

Set Opal to your iPhone lock or home screen! See you status and timer instantly.

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