How to Manage ADHD Symptoms at Work

ADHD can be a barrier to your success at work. Opal is designed to help you manage ADHD symptoms so you can get your best work done.

July 4, 2022

Just as they do for children in school, ADHD symptoms can create challenges for adults in the workplace. While some adults with ADHD have very successful careers, others may struggle with a variety of challenges, including poor communication skills, distractibility, procrastination and difficulty managing complex projects, according to CHADD.

Here at Opal, we believe that every one of us deserves control over our lives—and our time. Below are strategies for using Opal to manage many of the symptoms associated with ADHD while at work.

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  • Create a quick-start session to block out distracting apps—from social media to messaging—for a specified duration;
  • Are certain apps especially distracting? Set your session protection to Deep Focus, where you can’t cancel or bypass the timer, even if you delete the app;
  • Is the constant pinging of work notifications acting as time confetti and fragmenting your time? Create a recurring session to respond to these notifications at a set time every day;
  • Sync our Chrome extension to also block distractions on your laptop;
  • Request a quiet or private area, or take work home. Recreate the feeling of being in an office with minimal distractions by joining a flow session.


  • Are you feeling an urge to spend 5 minutes on Facebook? Set an intention to become more mindful of why you are picking up your phone;
  • If your Facebook break is coming to an end, but you still want to keep scrolling… try some alternatives, like reading a book, going for a walk, or practicing relaxation and meditation techniques;
  • Add an Opal Buddy to hold yourself accountable—when you get off-track, they’ll receive a notification;
  • Invite your co-workers to a shared session to be motivated by working with others, but with less distractions than being in-person;
  • Deep-dive into your screentime habits (like your Focus Score!) to identify behavioral patterns and develop sessions to counteract certain situations.

Time Management

  • Sync your Google or Apple calendar to keep track of important events and meetings during your sessions;
  • Avoid over-scheduling the day by overestimating how long each task or meeting will take;
  • Work with a Focus Coach to set yourself up for success through 1:1 coaching and a personalized plan;
  • Try Opal’s Pomodoro Timer to work in short sprints with in-between breaks to move around, exercise, or take a walk;
  • Stop worrying about setting up Opal on top of everything else—it works in the background, even when the app isn’t open.
Overcome Challenges And Succeed At Work
Get the tools you need to thrive
Get Started Today!


  • Set up customized schedules that break up your day in a way that maximizes focus and allows for breaks;
  • Break the task into small pieces, rewarding yourself along the way;
  • Consider working on a team with a co-worker who manages time well. Create a shared session and invite a co-worker to a session you’re currently in;
  • If you need extra accountability, join a live flow session to work with Opal’s very own;
  • Pro tip: you can also use these tips to prevent boredom-blockouts, especially with routine tasks!
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