Real-time evolution

With Focus Score®, check your focus level at any point throughout the day. You will also get a report on your progress every week.

Making Focus Real

Everyone wants to focus, but few can measure it. We believe that only what we can measure, we can change.

Focus Score® uses live data from your phone’s activity to measure your focus automatically, so you have the power to change. Private and secure by design, Focus Score® analyses your pickups, notifications, and time spent on different apps and websites to give you the best picture of your focus.

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Privacy by Design

Your phone’s activity data is protected by Apple and 100% of it will stay on your phone.


App Focus Rating

Opal rates the Apps that hurt or enhance your Focus. Powered by the community, ratings are available to review in the Opal app.


Hourly Graph

Understand your hourly Focus at a glance, along with Screen Time and pickup data. Hourly Graph gives you a picture of your days to quickly identify trends and possible improvements.


Most Used Apps

View in real-time all apps and websites you use, and which you use most, hour by hour.


Attention Weather®

Get your hourly Focus forecast, which analyzes your historical data and predicts your focus during the day.

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