Opal invites you to join the Global Day of Unplugging from sundown on March 3 to sundown on March 4, 2023, organized by the non-profit organization Unplugged Collaborative.

RVSP with Opal

What can you do: RSVP to the GDU Live Event on Opal Today

Commit to unplug, even just for 1 hour or for the entire 24 hours, through the Opal app and share it with friends for shared accountability. Once the event starts on March 3rd, distracting apps on your iPhone or iPad will be automatically blocked so you can enjoy the day unplugged.


Here is how you do it:

  • Open this link from your iPhone or iPad
  • If you haven't already, you will be asked to install the Opal app.
  • RSVP for the event.
  • Select distracting apps you are committing to block.
  • Invite your friends to join using the link.

That’s it! On the day of the event, the apps you selected will be automatically blocked, and you will be disconnected. The more friends you invite, the more likely you are to keep each other accountable.

What is Opal?

Opal is #1 Screen Time app with over 500,000 members worldwide. It offers several features that are not available in native screen time controls on iPhone, including Focus Sessions, Deep Focus, Recurring Sessions, Focus Score, and rewards. The app also offers resources on screen time, productivity, and digital wellbeing. The Opal community is the largest community for screen time management globally.

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Why unplug?

Unplugging reminds us of the importance of taking a break from our use of technology and finding balance in our daily lives. This day allows us to realize the benefits of disconnecting and reconnecting with our immediate environment.Opal and Unplug Collaborative are committed to this mission. For March 4th, we invite you to put your smartphone aside, even if it's just for a few hours, to reconnect with what is important to you

Research shows that health and human connection have been adversely impacted by the overuse of technology. But, we can reverse it by unplugging.

Author Anne Lamott writes,

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

After taking a break from technology as a community, we gain an appreciation for the role that it plays in our lives and we are better equipped to establish healthier tech habits going forward.

Need more? read  Why Unplugging Matters in 2023.

What is Global Day of Unplugging?

Global Day of Unplugging 2023 sundown to sundown March 3-4

Unplug Collaborative organizes the Global Day of Unplugging, an annual awareness campaign that has been running since 2009. For the first time ever, the campaign is global, and Opal is proud to be a partner of this initiative.

During the first weekend of March, thousands of people in multiple countries will intentionally shift away from their screens and engage in offline activities, in-person interactions, real-life gatherings, or meaningful conversations about their relationship with technology, whether it be for one hour or twenty-four hours.

Here are some ways that YOU can be the change you want to see.

How do I participate?

Plan Ahead

It all begins with an idea. What is it that you wish you had more time to do? Set intentions for what you'll do on your own or with others. We have compiled over 200 ideas for ways to unplug and add more meaning, fun, and relaxation to your life.

Commit through the app

Using the Opal app, you can RSVP to a live digital event for GDU. During the event, distracting apps on your phone will be blocked, and you'll be able to join hundreds of others in disconnecting at the same time.


Also, join the Unplug Collaborative today and become a FREE member to connect with the global community.

Find or Plan Events

Coming together is the best reminder that you're not alone. Since 2009, hundreds of schools, organizations, and brands have organized or participated in 'unplugged' events during the first weekend of March. Plan your own event or find one near you.


These are frequently asked questions about the Global Day of Unplugging:

Is it free to participate?
Who can join the event?
Is it compulsory to install the Opal app?
What happens when the event is over?
Can I take breaks during the event?
Can I exit the event?
How can I share the event?

How to Prepare for Unplugging

Planning activities in advance and inviting family or friends to join can make unplugging easier and provide an opportunity to spend quality time together. Also, making a public commitment in advance, such as through the Opal app, can help you follow through with your unplugging goals.

During the Global Day of Unplugging, taking a break from technology allows us to appreciate the role it plays in our lives and establish healthier tech habits. There are many ways to participate, such as planning your own unplugged activity or joining one of our partner's unplugged events. You can also use the Opal app to RSVP to a live digital event.

For those in Paris, Opal is hosting a live event on March 4th, which you can join in person. We also have great global partners for GDU, including Minderful, Quiet Social Club, Unpluggo, and the Cyber Safety Project. Join us and share your support through the Opal app for shared accountability. Let's unplug and reconnect with what is important to us.

What activities do you recommend?

Unplug Collaborative has listed hundreds of activities that can inspire you, including:

  • Cooking a themed meal for your family or housemates
  • Starting a garden project
  • Going for a hike
  • Having a board game night
  • Hosting an unplugged dining night

Check out Unplugging Ideas — Unplug Collaborative for more ideas.

Additionally, there are events specifically organized for this day. Visit the Unplug Map for more information.

Paris event organized by Opal

In Paris, La Maison de la Conversation and Opal are organizing an event which all of our community is welcome to join, on Saturday 3PM to 6PM in Paris. RSPV required.

The event is called “Bright Mirror of disconnection”, and it’s a creative way to imagine the balance of a future world between technology and disconnected moments.

RSVP and More information on Eventbrite page

Join In Person Event
3PM to 6PM in Paris

About the Organizers of GDU

Unplug Collaborative is the organizer of this event. Opal is a proud partner, and CEO Kenneth Schlenker and Christine Launay are directors for France of Unplug Collaborative.

We have a great group of global partners for GDU, including: