March 7, 2023

Unlock the Power of Tech: Learn How Seniors Can Use Screen Time

Discover how seniors can improve their digital skills and stay connected through screen time. Our guide provides step-by-step instructions and practical tips.
Team Opal

Are you an elderly person who is feeling left behind in the digital age? It can be intimidating to learn how to use technology, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Here are some tips and tricks on how to navigate your way through the modern world of tech. 

You'll discover ways to keep up with friends, stay connected with family members, explore new hobbies and even find resources for health information.


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Harness The Power Of Tech
Discover how seniors can use screen time to stay connected with Opal l
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Advantages of Screen Time for Seniors

Did you know that using screens can be beneficial for seniors? 

Yes, it's true! 

Screen time is not just for the younger generation. 

In fact, there are many advantages of screen time for seniors too!

For starters, screens can help them stay connected with their friends and family. With video calls and social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, they can keep in touch with their near ones without leaving the comfort of their home. 

Plus, they get to discover new hobbies or interests that weren't accessible before due to lack of technology. 

On top of that, seniors also get access to communities tailored specifically towards them where they can talk about common problems or issues they may have trouble dealing with on a day-to-day basis.

Setting up a Smartphone/Tablet

Are you a tech-savvy person? Do you often buy smartphones and tablets? 

If yes, then this article is for you! 

Today, I’m going to share step-by-step instructions on setting up your device. 

Plus, I'll be providing tips on customizing settings such as accessibility options and advice on choosing the right plan/service provider.

Let's dive into it!

First things first - make sure that your device has an active SIM card or eSIM (if available). 

If not, contact your service provider to purchase one. 

Once done, switch off the phone/tablet and remove its cover if any. Now insert the SIM card in its slot properly following the instructions given by the manufacturer. 

Next step is activating mobile data connection – power on your device and wait until it boots up completely. After that, open the ‘Settings’ app from the home screen or app drawer to activate cellular data connection with just a few taps. 

To make sure that everything is working fine go ahead try opening some websites in the browser - now you are ready to use internet services without any hassle.

Useful Apps for Senior Citizens

Are you looking for apps that are tailored specifically to the needs of senior citizens?

You've come to the right place. 

Today, I'm sharing recommendations on some of the best apps out there for seniors. 

We'll talk about which apps are most suited to their abilities and needs, how to use each app effectively and more. 

Harness The Power Of Tech
Discover how seniors can use screen time to stay connected with Opal l
Try It Now!

Staying Safe Online

Are you worried about staying safe while using the internet? Are you looking for ways to keep your personal information safe on social media or video conferencing tools? 

You've come to the right place! 

Here, we have some tips and best practices that can help you stay secure online. 

Doing a little extra research and taking a few precautions is always worth it when it comes to protecting yourself online. 

Start by setting up strong, unique passwords for each of your accounts and regularly updating them. 

To keep scammers away from your accounts, use two-factor authentication whenever possible; this will add an extra layer of security so hackers won't be able to access your data even if they get hold of your password. 

You should also pay close attention to privacy settings in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., as these can give attackers access to certain parts of your profile information such as pictures or posts that are otherwise hidden from public view. 

Similarly, make sure the video conferencing applications you use have built-in encryption features which protect any conversations or meetings held over those services against eavesdropping attempts by cybercriminals. 

Finally, listen carefully to advice given by experts who understand how hackers work and what techniques they use - this way you will be better prepared if somebody tries something malicious against you. 

By following these simple steps, not only can you stay secure online but also enjoy yourself with peace of mind!"

Wrap it up

Screen time is increasingly becoming a part of the lives of seniors, and it can be beneficial in many ways. 

Keeping in touch with loved ones, gaining access to new hobbies or interests, and connecting to communities tailored towards their needs are just some of the advantages that come from using technology. 

At the same time, setting up devices can seem daunting for those who are not tech-savvy; however, step-by-step instructions on how to properly set up smartphones/tablets as well as tips and advice on choosing plans/service providers make it easier than ever before. 

Furthermore, there are plenty of apps designed specifically for senior citizens - ranging from health monitoring tools to entertainment platforms - that allow them to take advantage of all that technology has to offer. 

And finally, staying safe online should always be a priority when using digital services: privacy settings need to be adjusted correctly when using social media platforms while video conferencing tools should also have security measures enforced at all times. 

By following these guidelines seniors will have an enjoyable and secure experience with screen time.

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