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How to set up Opal

Here’s how to set up to get the most out of Opal, from the basics to becoming a pro.

15-Seconds Intro

The Basics

Here are the first steps you should take after discovering Opal!

1. Install the Opal app on your iPhone

Opal is available for download on the App Store. Once you have installed the app on your iPhone or iPad, you will be asked to answer a few questions to personalize the experience, start a free trial and grant permissions to Manage Restrictions on your iPhone. Make sure to check your Always Allowed, Communication Limits (FaceTime, Messages, Phone) in the Screen Time tab of your iPhone settings

❓ Why pay for Opal?

2. Schedule sessions

Set daily working hours, sleep and routines, choose apps and websites you want to block automatically, so you don’t have to remember. You can also start sessions directly from the app home view to focus right away.

💡 What is a Session?

📅 Can I schedule Sessions?

3. Enjoy!

Opal will automatically follow your schedule, and block apps/websites you set. If you chose this option, you can take breaks and reconnect to apps for a short time. You will also get timely reminders when you get distracted, and your Screen Time stats which you can find on the profile tab of your app.

📲 How do I choose Apps and Websites to Block? (App Groups) (iOS)

🔌 How does Opal work?

Blocking doesn't seem to be working

Going Further

4. Sync with Focus Mode

To go further, you can sync Opal with your Focus Mode on your iPad or iPhone. Whenever your Focus starts, Opal will automatically block apps you set. You choose which App Group you want to block for each Focus, follow the instructions below:

🪩 How to Block Apps with iPhone Focus Mode and Focus Filters together with Opal

🍅 How to start a Pomodoro with Opal

5. Install Browser Extension

Don’t you wish Opal could work on your computer, too? You’re in luck. When you install Opal’s free Chrome extension on your computer, your Chrome browser will sync with Opal and block relevant apps and websites when needed. Install Opal from the Chrome Store and follow the instructions.

🖥 How do I install Opal on my computer?

6. Choose your protection level

When you set your schedule or start a timer, you will be able to choose your protection level:

  • Normal: you can take breaks and reconnect to apps
  • Deep Focus: you can’t cancel or bypass the timer

We recommend using Deep Focus when you really need to stay focused!

🛡️ What are Protection levels?

⏸ What are Breaks?

Become a Pro

7. Set up your App Groups

Create a preset list of apps that Opal will block during a session or schedule, for example “Work Time Apps”

📲 How do I choose Apps and Websites to Block? (App Groups) (iOS)

8. Choose a Gem name

In your app’s Settings or Profile, you can choose your Gem name to let others know who you are.

9. Deep dive into your stats

Head to your app profile to explore your screen time stats and understand your progress.

What is Focus Report?

What is Focus Score?

10. Submit requests and Join The Community

We’re making Opal better together. Have feedback or requests for Opal? Submit them on

And this is just a small portion of what you’ll discover on Opal to help you focus better, and accomplish your dreams.

Please note:

Check out our if you have any questions about Opal.- If you run into any issues with the app, please report them to our team directly within the app by taking a screenshot or contacting us via the Settings page and we'll get back to you ASAP.- If you'd like to talk to our team and other gems like you, feel free to Join our community

Also feel free to follow us @withopal on & to stay updated.

Have a great day!

The Opal Team

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