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14 day Screen Time Program

We've designed a program to help you save up to 2 hours of screen time. Opal will help you block apps effectively and measure your focus in real time

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$8.29/mo, billed annually. Cancel anytime.
First 24 hours

Block apps with Scheduled Sessions

Opal will set up a recommended schedule for you to automatically block apps on your phone when you need to focus the most.
Day 2-5
View your real focus levels in real time
With Focus Score®, check your focus level at any point throughout the day. The score is based on the distracting apps you use.
Day 6
Your first Focus Report®
See how your screen time has evolved since you started using Opal. You will get this report every week moving forward!
Day 7-14

Maintain your focus!

Set Up App Limits

Block apps automatically after you reach a set limit for a duration you can customize.

Set up Cross Device

Opal browser extensions and iPhone app will stay in sync and block relevant apps and websites when needed.
Day 14+

Get the most out of Opal!

Precious Rewards

Get rewarded on your journey towards better Focus with unique MileStones you can unlock and share with friends.


Meet the Opal community, and help 1Bn people focus day to day (and accomplish their dreams).


Get inspired by others from the community with our daily leaderboard, highlighting the most focused of us directly in the app.

Shortcuts Integration

Connect iPhone shortcut automations to start/stop Focus Sessions based on app opens, time, location and more!

30 day money back guarantee

If Opal doesn't save you at least 2 hours of Screen time by the end of your program, we'll get your money back.

Start for Free
$8.29/mo, billed annually. Cancel anytime.

Opal VS Screen Time

How Is Screen Time Different Than Opal

Opal offers several features that are not available in native screen time controls on iPhone or Android, including Focus Sessions, Deep Focus, Recurring Sessions, Focus Score, and rewards. The app also offers resources on screen time, productivity, and digital wellbeing. The Opal community is the largest community for screen time management globally.

Apple's Screen Time
Works for Any App, Game or Website
All apps, games and websites on your iPhone or iPad are supported
Full Privacy
Data from your device activity stays on your device.
iPhone notifications with time spent on various apps.
Focus Sessions
No sessions, but daily time limits after which apps are blocked. Limits can be ignored though.
Deep Focus
There is always a way to cancel or bypass blocking
Recurring Sessions
Time limits don’t adapt to your schedule
Focus Score
The only metrics available are time spent on apps and pickups.
Invite Friends
Screen Time works only on your or your child’s device
Shortcuts Integration
Does not sync with Shortcuts
Focus Mode Integration
Does not sync with Focus Mode
Shortcuts Integration
Does not sync with Shortcuts
No reward.
No community.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I set up Opal
How do I contact Opal
Blocking doesn’t seem to be working
What Is Focus Score?
Can I Schedule Sessions?