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How to use App Limits

App limits allow you to block apps automatically in the background once you reach a set limit. They work separately from your focus sessions to give you passive protection.

How is it better from Apple Screen Time App Limits?

Customisable Cooldown

Instead of blocking apps for the remainder of the day, you can block apps for a specific amount of time. It’s a lot easier to match with your real phone usage.

Better Blocking

In Opal when app is blocked it’s a lot harder to ignore, you have to come back to Opal to make any changes. You also have an option to set up an app limit in a way that’s completely impossible to bypass.  

How to set up new App Limit

Go to Limits tab

Select Create new app limit

Choose a name

Select apps you’d like to limit

Select the amount of time you allow yourself to use these apps for during the day, for example, if you select three apps for one hour, you are allotted one hour to use those three apps, not one hour per app.

Select a cooldown. This is the amount of time the apps will be blocked for when you reach the Limit.

Choose whether you’d like to be able skip an app limit or not. Skipping a limit stops blocking until you reach your limit again.

Customize days of the week when this limit will be active.

That's it! If you have any issues with app limits, send us a report in the app!

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