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How do I invite or add friends or family to Opal

There are several ways to be social with Opal! Here's how.

Invite friends and family to receive rewards

If your friends and family could benefit from better focus, invite them to use Opal today and you'll receive rewards!Β If you have five friends create accounts using your referral, you will receive one year of Opal Pro for free. Here is how to invite them from the Opal app:

  • Go to your Opal "Settings" (accessible from the top right corner of your "Profile" tab)
  • Scroll down and click "Share Opal"
  • Send the link to your friends via your preferred messaging app
Please note that the link your friends receive will automatically grant them one free month of Opal Pro. For the share to be successful and for you to receive a referral for the invite, they must tap "Allow Paste" from Safari. If you do not see your referral reflected in your account, please update the app here before contacting our Support team.

Create a Social Session

In addition to inviting new friends and family to use Opal, you can turn any Focus Session into a "Social Session" by inviting friends and family to participate. Just follow the instructions here.

Add friends to share screen time

If you'd like to add an extra layer of accountability to your Opal experience, you can add friends and share your screen time. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Open the Opal app
  • Tap on your "Profile tab"
  • Tap "Add Friends"
  • A prompt will appear that says "Add your friends to see their Screen Time"
  • Tap "Give Permissions"
  • You will be routed to your device Settings
  • Under "Allow Opal to Access," toggle on "Contacts"
  • Return to Opal and navigate back to "Add Friends"
  • A list of your contacts with Opal will appear
  • Tap "Done"

I don't want a contact to see my screen time anymore!

If you no longer want a specific contact to view your screen time information, you can easily remove them. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Open the Opal app
  • Tap on your "Profile tab"
  • Tap on the icon to the right of "Friends Screen Time"
  • Beside the contact you'd like to remove, tap "..."
  • Click "Stop sharing"

That'sΒ it! If you have any issues with your referrals, please first update the app here. If that doesn't sort the issue out, please contact us using the instructions here.

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