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How to Invite Friends or Family to Opal?

If you feel like your friends could benefit from better focus, you can invite them today and get rewards.

Invite any friend to join Opal

Here is how you can do this inside the Opal app:

  1. Go to Opal Settings
  2. Share Opal
  3. Send to your Friends via Message, Whatsapp, or any app.

The link your friends will receive will automatically grant them 1 Month of Opal Pro, for Free. You can send as many links as you want.

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Invite 5 Friends and get Opal Pro for 1 Year, Free

Do you know friends who would benefit from the magic of focus with Opal? If you have 5 friends create accounts using your referral, you are eligible to receive a gift: 1 Year of Opal Pro for Free.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to Opal Settings
  2. Under Subscription, tap Invite Friends
  3. Share the Link with your Friends
  4. When you friends create an account with Opal, it will be displayed here. When 5 of your friends create an account, you will be granted 1 Free Year of Opal Pro.

Please note: your Friends must download the Opal iOS App from your referral link, and then create their account for them to register towards your free year.

Create a Social Session

You can turn any focus session into a Social Session by inviting friends to it.

Thank you for caring, and thank you for sharing.

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