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How, when, and where does Opal report your Screen Time?

Opal uses Apple’s Screen Time API to report your phone’s Screen Time, which can be viewed on the "Home" and "Profile" tabs of the app. How we report your Screen Time differs from how Apple reports your Screen Time; you can read more on that subject here. You may additionally notice small differences between the data displayed on your “Home” and “Profile” tabs. Learn more below!

“Home” Tab Screen Time Reporting

The "Home" tab displays your daily Screen Time with app-level usage, including your most used apps and websites, Focus Score®, and your number of "Pickups". Here, you can customize apps and websites to exclude them from your Screen Time by setting them to "Neutral," using the instructions here.

For apps like navigation, music, meditation, audiobook, or any other apps you consider as passive consumption, this can be very helpful. Do note that some apps/websites will be excluded by default (including Maps or Spotify); you can change this at any time. Otherwise, please note:

  • Data on your "Home" tab is entirely confidential and cannot be exported or accessed anywhere outside this specific tab (unless you take a screenshot yourself).
  • You can toggle to a different date (up to 21 days in the past) to view your data from previous days.

”Profile” Tab Screen Time Reporting

The "Profile" tab provides a different view: your daily Screen Time progress over time via charts and reports, as well as a social section where you can benchmark your Screen Time against others in the community.

  • On the "Profile" tab, there is no app-level usage data, only a general estimate of your daily Screen Time.
  • This daily Screen Time is updated periodically throughout a 24-hour period, with a potential 15-minute delay due to the Apple Screen Time API.
  • Unlike on your “Home” tab, apps and websites you set to "Neutral" will be included within your "Profile" tab data Screen Time.

“Week,” “Month” and “Lifetime” chart

Your “Week,” “Month,” and “Lifetime” chart will display all Screen Time you’ve had, including on apps and websites you’ve designated as “Neutral.” You can tap on the arrow buttons to change the dates.


What is good or bad Screen Time? We help our Gems benchmark their Screen Time against the Community in a few different ways to stay motivated and accountable. First up, if you grant Opal access to your Contacts using the instructions here, you can add an extra layer of accountability to Opal with your friends. Here, you’ll be able to share an estimate of your daily Screen Time, as well as view their Screen Time. On the Leaderboard, you may toggle between your “Friends” Screen Time and “Global” Screen Time. There are some important things to note:

  • To join the Friend Leaderboard, you must have a phone number linked to your account. You can link a phone number to your account on your “Settings” page (accessible from the top right corner of your "Profile" tab).
  • You will only see daily Screen Time data if both you and your friend(s) have opened Opal at least once in the past 24 hours.
  • On the “Global” Session Time Leaderboard, you will see the top 10 Opal members who had the most Session Time in the last 24 hours.
  • You may opt out of sharing your Screen Time with your contacts by following the steps here.

Focus Report

Your Focus Report is available on your “Profile” tab, and will be visible once you’ve used Opal for at least one-week. To access this data, tap on the “Open” prompt. Once that is complete, you will see the following information:

  • The daily average time spent on your phone and the percentage of your day awake spent on your phone.
  • How your Screen Time that week compares to when you installed Opal.
  • Your most productive day and your most distracted day of the week.
  • How many years you would spend looking at your phone before installing Opal.
  • How many years you have reclaimed since installing Opal.
  • Your average improvement compared to your peers.

Please note that your Focus Report differs from your “Home” tab Screen Time, as all app and website usage, including on apps and websites you’ve designated as “Neutral,” will be included.


Underneath the “Community” heading on your “Profile” tab, you will see how your Screen Time yesterday compares to the average Screen Time amongst your peers yesterday.

If you delete Opal, all data associated with your Screen Time will no longer be available, and our Support team is unable to restore that data for you.  Rather then delete the app if you encounter a problem, we’d recommend checking our Help Center for common problems or contacting our Support Team in-app using the instructions here.
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