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Why do I need to grant Screen Time API permissions?

The core functionality of Opal's app is to block distracting apps. In order to do this, Opal uses Apple's Screen Time API technology, which you need to give permissions for. There is no other way to do this on iPhone (Apple limitations).

Please note:

  • Because this technology is local and developed by Apple, this means that all of your browsing and app usage data stays on your device.
  • You can enable/disable Opal's access to Screen Time API at any time from your iPhone settings. (Navigate to Screentime β†’ APPS WITH SCREEN TIME ACCESS)
  • Please note: if you disable access to Screen Time API**, you will lose your historical data** in the Opal app, such as Focus Score and Focus Reports. For this reason, we don’t advise you do this.


We take privacy very seriously. Unlike most apps, we make sure private browsing data never leaves your device. Whenever possible, we will keep your data on your phone (client) and never store your data on our servers.

Read more: What do you do with my data?

For details, please read our Privacy Policy carefully.

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