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What do you do with my data?

At Opal, we believe everyone deserves control over their time  —  and their lives (you can read our manifesto here). We also believe in clear and unambiguous rules when it comes to privacy.

Here are the general principles that drive our decisions when it comes to privacy — and how we collect, use and handle your personal data.

  • Data stays on your phone: whenever possible, we will keep your data on your phone (client) and not store your data on our servers. Opal's main technology is built so that our app blocks connections locally (on your phone), without your data being stored on our servers. Unlike most apps, Opal works entirely on your phone and personal browsing data never leaves your device. We use Apple’s local screen time technology in order to make Opal work. Installation is easy and takes a few seconds on your iPhone.
  • Minimize data collection: our goal is to make sure the collection and use of your personal data is minimized. We are committed to transparent data collection, and let our users opt-in to any data collection.
  • Prioritize privacy: like other technology companies, we use data to improve our products and services. That said, we believe many technology companies overextend this practice by storing too much data and not paying enough attention to what they collect and how data is collected. Our guiding principle is prioritizing your privacy above data collection for Opal's improvement.
  • When you’re out, you’re out: since we keep data on your phone and not on servers, when you delete your app, your data gets erased. One exception is crash data, which we still have in the system after you delete Opal.
  • Never sell data to third parties: we are a company made by and for individuals. We will never sell your personal data to third parties.
  • You pay for the product: Opal is free to download and use, but we offer Pro features through our Opal subscription that helps fund us. Users are not our product; the app is.

As a digital wellbeing company, we want to help you gain peace and balance with your use of digital technology. Privacy is core to your peace of mind, so we take extra care with it. For more details, please read our Privacy Policy.

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