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How can I add my own websites/domains

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At this stage, you are not able to enter your own domain into an AppΒ Group for Opal to block. However, we have two workarounds for you: you should be able to find and add all apps and most websites to your Opal block list, or you can use our Whitelist feature.

Step 1: Find websites/Domains You Visit Frequently in the pre-made list

When you select Apps and Websites to add to an App Group, you will be able to select them from a pre-made list of Apps and Websites. This list is generated by Apple's Screen Time, and unfortunately, Opal does not have control over what is included. However, this is what should be included in the list:

  • All Apps installed on your phone
  • Websites you use frequently (on Safari; iOSΒ will not track websites used frequently on Chrome)

Apps and websites featured on this list are categorized by Apple. You will need to expand the categories in order to find specific apps and/or websites. If you can't find the website or domain you want to block within the categories, try this out:

Step 2: Use Whitelist to block all internet except specified websites

If you cannot find specific Apps or websites in the Apple-generated list, we recommend you use our Whitelist feature. The Whitelist feature allows you to block all apps and websites, except for the ones you specify.

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