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How to turn on Vacation Mode

If you are going on vacation or simply want to take an extended break from blocking apps, you can do so easily without changing your set up. Simply snooze your session for the amount of days that you want and it will turn back on automatically.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Open session tab
  2. Tap on the session you’d like to snooze
  3. Tap on the blue toggle to toggle it off
  4. Select the amount of days you’d like to snooze your session for. You can snooze for up to 30 days or indefinitely.
  5. Done! After the amount of days you’ve selected, the session will automatically enable. You can also end snooze manually by tapping on the session card again and select “unsnooze”

Note: Snoozing a session won’t stop blocking if the same session is currently running.

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