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What is Snooze?

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Do you want to have a short break to access your blocked apps, but don't want to get completely distracted? (Maybe to send a quick meme and then get back to work?) That's what Snooze for! Snooze help you use your phone mindfully and intentionally. To utilize the Snooze feature, make sure you chose the right protection level for your Session.

How to use snooze

While on an Opal Session, you can click the "Snooze" button at the bottom of the in-Session view. When you click on the "Snooze" button, you can select how long you want the Snooze to last, from one to 15 minutes. You can also finish your Snooze early by clicking the "End Snooze" button.

That's it!

There is a better way to focus

With a combination of app restrictions, real time feedback and rewards, you can begin to focus better and accomplish your dreams.

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