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Screen Time Permissions Screen Is Stuck

In order to start using Opal, you will be asked to give Opal Screen Time Permissions. Learn More: Why does Opal need Screen Time Permissions?

In order to give Screen Time Permissions, Apple requires you to have FaceID or a Passcode set up for your iPhone.

If you don't have FaceID or a Passcode set up, Opal won't be able to receive Screen Time permissions and the app will not work. You may be stuck on the Screen Time Permissions Screen.

Here is what do do about it:

Step 1: Set up FaceID or a Passcode

Here is how to set up FaceID or a Passcode for your iPhone:

Use Face ID on your iPhone or iPad Pro - Apple Support
Use a passcode with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Step 2: Opal the Opal app and give permissions

When you open the Opal app next, you will be prompted to grant Screen Time permissions. You will be asked to authenticate using your FaceID or Passcode.

That's it!

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