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How to start a Pomodoro session with Opal

Pomodoros are a great way to get things done. Opal allows you to automatically block apps that distract you during your pomodoros, so you can sustain your concentration better.

What is a Pomodoro?

The Pomodoro technique is a popular time management method to alternate focused work sessions (called 'pomodoros') with short breaks to rest. This technique is meant to help sustained concentration and help with energy. By the way, Pomodoro is Italian for tomato. 🍅

How can I set a Pomodoro with Opal?

There is 1 preliminary step that takes a 2 minutes to set up, and then you can launch a Pomodoro in seconds.

1. Sync Opal with your Work Focus

The first step is to syncronize Opal with your iPhone or iPad's 'Work' Focus. You can learn how to do this here.

2. Install Pomodoro Shortcut

Navigate to "Gallery" tab in Shortcuts app and install "Start Pomodoro" shortcut under "Get Stuff Done" section. Alternatively tap on this link on your phone.

3. Open Shortcuts Tab, hit "Start Pomodoro"

The Shortcuts app is installed by default on your iPhone or iPad, you can search for it on your home screen or in spotlight search. By default, you can also use Siri to start it, just ask siri to 'Start Pomodoro'. You can also customize the shortcut to change the default settings, such as the length of the Pomodoro, of the breaks or the number of times it will repeat.

4. Set the number of minutes you want for your Pomodoro.

This determines how long the Pomodoro will last before a break.

That's it! a timer will start for the number of minutes you selected (by default, 25min), during which you Work Focus will turn on, and automatically Opal will block apps you selected.

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