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How do I hard reset my Screen Time settings

If you deleted Opal to cancel a "Deep Focus" Session, you may find that your apps continue to be blocked. Similarly, if you toggled off our Screen Time Permissions, you may find that your apps continue to be blocked. Unfortunately, Opal must be deleted properly using the instructions here, or Screen Time Settings may still apply to your device after you've deleted the app. If this is the case, you'll need to do a Hard Reset of your Screen Time settings to fix the issue. Here's how:

  • Re-download the Opal app here
  • Open the Opal app
  • Re-enable Screen Time permissions. You can do this by starting any Session.
  • Navigate to your Opal "Settings" (accessible from the top right corner of your "Profile" tab) > "FAQs" > "Advanced Features" > Tap and hold on "Reset my Screen Time Connection" for up to 30 seconds until you see a confirmation.
  • Head to your device Settings > "Screen Time" > "Always Allowed". Select or unselect all apps listed.

With this, Opal will reboot your Screen Time settings. Once this is complete, ensure you're not in any active Session. Open any app you want to test. If all apps are available, your Screen Time settings are now reset! You can now delete Opal properly using the instructions here.

If that didn't work, please try this method reported by one of our Gems:

  • Start a new Session in Opal
  • Cancel the Session
  • Apps should now be unblocked

If you've taken every step listed above and your apps continue to be blocked, please let us know using the instructions here.

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