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How do I hard reset my Screen Time settings? (if you uninstalled Opal or removed Screen Time permissions)

If you decided to stop using Opal, you probably removed Screen Time Permissions or uninstalled the Opal app. Occasionally, Screen Time settings can still apply to your device, which means some apps may still be blocked. If this is the case, you need to Hard Reset Screen Time settings using the Opal app.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Re-download the Opal app
  • Open the Opal app, and reenable Screen Time permissions [this will give us the ability to try to fix the issue from the App]. You can do this by starting any session.
  • Go to settings > Help Center > troubleshooting > "Blocking doesn't seem to be working" , wait for 30 seconds until you see a confirmation pop up.

With this, Opal will try to reboot your Screen Time settings from scratch. Once is this done, make sure you're not in any session, and open any app you want to test.

You Screen Time settings are now reset! You can uninstall the Opal app at this point.

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