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How to install Opal on your Mac or PC?

Don’t you wish Opal could work on your computer, too? You’re in luck. When you install Opal’s Chrome extension on your computer, you can create scheduled sessions and block relevant websites when needed.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Install Opal's Chrome Extension

On your Computer, open Chrome. Click on the link below to Install.

Note: make sure to scan the QR code in Opal and not by using your camera directly. To do so go to your Opal Settings (accessible from the top right corner of your Profile tab)” > Chrome Extension > Scan QR code

Install Opal's Chrome Extension Here

Step 2: Log in to your Opal Account

One the extension is installed, open this Step by Step guide to set it up.

Please note:
💡 You need an active Opal Account in order to sign in to the Chrome Extension. You can create one here.

⚠️ Important:  Your Sessions will not automatically be imported from your iPhone to your Chrome extension, you will need to recreate the Block List in the Chrome extension to select the websites you want to block.

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