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How do I use Opal’s Mac app?

Opal’s Mac app allows you to block websites and apps you find distracting for a scheduled period of time on your Apple computer. Everyone on Opal can set up a scheduled Session up to 24 hours in advance. Gems who’ve upgraded to Opal Pro can set recurring Sessions (on a weekly schedule) and Sessions starting more than 24 hours in advance.

How do I download and set up the Mac app?

To download and set up Opal’s Mac app, follow these steps:

  • Head to and click on “Download”
  • Open your “Downloads” folder and click on Opal
  • Move the Opal icon to your “Applications” folder
  • Double-click on “Applications”
  • Scroll down and click on “Opal”
  • A prompt will appear that says “Opal” is an app download from the internet. Are you sure you want to open it?” → Click on “Open”
  • A login screen will appear
  • Open the Opal app on your phone and navigate to Settings (accessible from the top right corner of your Profile tab)
  • Note the phone number or email associated with your account
  • Return to the Mac app and input that information in the login prompt

Once you’ve completed those steps, you will have access to our Mac app on desktop.

Please note that App Limit and App Lock features are not yet available on Mac app, but will be introduced in future updates. Also note that your Sessions will not transfer from your iPhone to your Mac app, as all Opal data remains on your device.

How Do I Add A Session on Mac App?

To add a Session on the Mac app, click on the "Block Now" or “Schedule Session” button. Once you’ve selected your Session type, you will have three protection level options available, including:

  • Normal: You can snooze and cancel this session. This difficulty offers basic protection.
  • Timeout: This setting offers increasing delays before you can snooze again.
  • Deep Focus (available only on Opal Pro): You can’t snooze or end the session early.

Once you’ve selected your "Session Difficulty," you can edit the following information about your Session by clicking on the editing icons:

  • The name of your event
  • "Apps Blocked"
  • "Difficulty"
  • The specific time your Session runs
  • The "Days of week active"
  • Once that is complete, tap "Save Session"

How Can I Edit Or Cancel My Session?

Do you need to modify or cancel your ongoing Session on the Mac app? Here's how:

  • From the Opal Mac app, click on your ongoing Session
  • Edit the Session and click on “Remove Session” or “Save Session”

Please note that if you are in a Deep Focus Session, that you will need to wait until the Session ends to edit it. Additionally, our Support team is unable to cancel an ongoing Deep Focus Session on your behalf.

What browsers does the Mac app support?

Currently, our Mac app supports Chrome, Safari, Arc, Opera, Edge, and Brave. If you would like us to support other browsers (or have any other suggestions for improvement), please let us know via the Community forums here.

I accidentally did not grant the Mac app permission to control my browser! What do I do to fix it?

If you've disabled the Mac app's permission to control your browser, or neglected to grant it permission, please take the following steps to sort that out:

  • Exit the Mac app
  • Open your computer's System Settings > Privacy & Security > Automation
  • Head there, and ensure that permission is granted to each browser you use by toggling it on

Mac app isn’t working properly?

If you see any error codes or broken functionality within the Mac app, take the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Open the Mac app
  • Click on the username icon in the bottom left corner
  • Click on “Sign out”
  • Click on the Opal name in the top left menu bar
  • Select “Check for updates” and update to the newest version
  • Log in again

How can I cancel and/or receive a refund for my Mac app subscription?

If you subscribed to Opal through the Mac app, you can access your subscription information by entering your information in the Mac app Stripe dashboard. If you subscribed to Opal via the iPhone app, you may cancel using the instructions here.

If you’ve updated the Mac app and the problems persist, please take screenshots of any error codes and export your error logs from the Mac app by clicking on “Help” > “Export Logs”. Once that's complete, please let us know in the mobile app using the instructions here. Otherwise, if you have suggestions for improvements, please post them via our Community board here.
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