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How your free trial on Web works

When you sign up for a free trial or purchase access to the Opal app through the Opal website here, you'll be given access to all the features and content of an Opal Pro subscription for a limited time. If you are purchasing access to Opal Pro through the iOS app, please refer to the article here. If you're signing up via the web, here's how to activate and use your free trial:

  • Create an Account or Sign In: Before seeing the free trial screen, you will need to create an Opal account. If you have already downloaded the Opal iOS app and created your account on the app, you can log in on this screen using your Apple ID or your email (please make sure to use the same login details as your existing account).
  • Unlock Opal Pro: Shortly after signing in, you will see a screen inviting you to try Opal Pro. This unlocks a free trial of an Opal subscription on your Opal account. You can read more about what an Opal subscription includes here. Note that if you decide to start a free trial, you will need to input your payment details on the screen. You will see an explanation of the trial terms. The free trial will be active for a set number of days. After that period, you will be charged the full yearly subscription price. Please cancel the trial at least 24 hours before the trial ends to avoid any charges.
  • Confirm Subscription: click "Start Free Trial Securely".

Congratulations! You've started your trial of Opal Pro. You will know the trial activation has been successful if you see all features unlocked in the app. If you still see lock icons next to any features or content after starting the free trial, please follow the steps here to restore your subscription.

When Your Trial Ends

If you do not wish to purchase an annual subscription at the end of the free trial, please be sure to cancel at least 24 hours before the trial ends to avoid any charges. To cancel your subscription, follow the instructions here. Please note that if you cancel the free trial before it ends, Opal will revert to the locked version at the end of the trial period. At that point, you will only be able to access our free content, which you're welcome to use as much as you'd like. You can learn more about the free version of Opal, as well as what features you receive if you subscribe, here.

Purchasing a subscription via Special Offer

If you have been granted a special offer for OpalΒ Pro via a partner, you may be offered to pay upfront without a free trial, following the same steps above. Be sure to enter your special promo code at checkout.

Purchasing a subscription via Gift Card

If you'd like to gift someone one year of Opal Pro, please head here. If you received Opal as a gift, you can redeem your gift using the instructions here.

That's it!

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