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What is Focus Score?

Everyone wants to focus, but few can measure it. We believe that only what we can measure, we can change.

Focus Score® uses live data from your phone’s activity to measure your focus automatically, so you have the power to change. Private and secure by design, Focus Score® analyses your pickups, notifications, and time spent on different apps and websites to give you the best picture of your focus.

In the app you can view your Focus Score at any point in history, to see how your focus has trended positively and/or negatively over time.

Each app has a focus rating of -1 (Distracting) to 1 (Focusing), that is applied to the time you spend on them. This is one of the core mechanisms that helps to compute your focus score.

You can edit the App Ratings directly from the app, here is how:

Opal FAQ | How can I edit my Focus Score?

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There is a better way to focus

With a combination of app restrictions, real time feedback and rewards, you can begin to focus better and accomplish your dreams.

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