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What is Focus Score® and how do I use it?

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Everyone wants to focus on what's important, but measuring and redirecting your focus is difficult. Opal believes that once we can measure our focus, we can change it. To help you with this, we've developed the Focus Score®.

Focus Score® uses live data from your phone’s activity to measure your focus automatically, granting you the power to change. Private and secure by design, Focus Score® analyses your pickups, notifications, and time spent on different apps and websites to give you insight into your focus. You can view your Focus Score on Opal's "Home" tab to see how your focus has trended positively or negatively over time.

To gain more insight, you may label each app on a scale from "Very Productive" to "Very Distracting," which will change your Focus Score® and provide a better picture of how the apps you use hurt or enhance your Focus.

How To Edit Your App Ratings

If you would like to edit your App Ratings, follow these steps:

  • Open the Opal App
  • Tap on the "Home" tab
  • Tap on each app name
  • A prompt asking "How distracting is this app?" will appear
  • Select the level of focus level ("Very Distracting"/ "Distracting"/ "Slightly Distracting"/ "Neutral"/ "Slightly Productive"/ "Productive"/ "Very Productive")
  • Tap "Save"

How To Exclude Apps From Screen Time Calculation

If you set apps as "Neutral", they will not count towards your screen time calculation displayed on your "Profile" and shared with Friends or on the Leaderboard. For apps like navigation, music, meditation, audiobook, or any other apps you consider as passive consumption, this can be very helpful.

That's it! Not working? Contact us!

There is a better way to focus

With a combination of app restrictions, real time feedback and rewards, you can begin to focus better and accomplish your dreams.

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