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How to use Whitelist

By default, Focus Sessions on Opal use a block list, asking you to select apps and websites you want to block for the duration of your Session. With our Whitelist, you can flip this around, blocking all apps and websites on your phone except the ones you explicitly select. Whitelist allows you to enable apps you really need for the moment in the real world. With Opal Whitelist, you can turn your iPhone into a brick phone (or dumb phone) temporarily at whatever times you choose. To set up a Whitelist session, you'll need to take three separate steps.

Step 1: Review Always Allowed Apps

Your iPhone Screen Time settings has an "Always Allowed" list of apps, which is generated automatically by Apple. Apps that are in the "Always Allowed" category will always be allowed, and supersede any restrictions Opal puts in place. To set up your Whitelist, you'll want to first make sure apps you want to block are not in the "Always Allowed" category of your iPhone's "Screen Time" settings. To check which apps are "Always Allowed", take these steps:

  • Navigate to your iPhone's "Settings"
  • Scroll down and tap on "Screen Time"
  • Scroll down and tap on "Always Allowed"

We recommend keeping apps you deem essential in the "Always Allowed" category. We'd suggest any medical apps, maps, camera, or anything else that you need unimpeded access to at all times. Once that's complete, you'll want to create an app group with a Whitelist.

Step 2: Create an App group with a Whitelist

To create an app group with a Whitelist, take these steps:

  • Open the Opal app
  • Open your Opal "Settings" (accessible from the top right corner of your "Profile" tab)
  • Tap on "App Groups"
  • Click "+Add"
  • Select "Whitelist" under "Blocking Mode"
  • Tap "Choose Apps "
  • Select only the Apps and Websites you want to use, everything else will be blocked (except "Always Allowed" apps)
  • Click "Save"
  • Rename the App Group; it will be saved automatically

Once that's complete, you'll want to select this App Group for your Session.

Step 3: Select this App Group for your Session

You can now start a new or edit existing Sessions with your new Whitelist app group using the instructions here.

Please note: when using a Whitelist, all Private Browsing and Adult Content will be blocked automatically, even if your specified browser is not blocked.

That's it! If you have any troubles with your Whitelist, please use our troubleshooting steps here.

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