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Is Opal blocking an App/Website it shouldn't?

Sometimes Apps or Websites you did not want to block can be included in your Blocked Apps.

If you notice that an app or website is blocked when it shouldn't, here are the steps we recommend:

First, check your existing iOS Screen Time settings

  • Do you have App Limits set up on your iPhone? (outside of Opal) Make sure you don't have an app limit that is blocking this app. Here is how to do it.
  • Do you have Downtime or Focus Mode set up on your iPhone? Make sure you don't have a downtime affecting this app. Here is how to do it.

Option 1: Check App Groups for Apps and Websites that are selected

  • Open your active Session from the Home screen or Session tab, and open Apps Blocked
  • Select the App Group, then Edit
  • Check the Apps and Websites that are selected. In particular, Open up the Folders (for example 'Social') to go through the list.
  • Deselect Any Apps/Website you don't want
  • Hit Save

If this doesn't work:

Option 2: Clear Your App Groups

  • Repeat the steps above
  • In the Apps Blocked screen, hit the red 'Clear' button on top right - this will remove all Apps and Website from the list
  • Select again any App or Website you want to block
  • Hit Save

Option 3: You Removed Screen time permissions or uninstalled The Opal App, But Apps Are still blocked

Read: How do I hard reset my screen time settings

Option 4: Specifically for Messenger

If you're having issue with Facebook's Messenger app being blocked. Go to the Apps Blocked screen.

Make sure you don't have any of the following domains selected:




If all of those aren’t set to blocked in Opal, Messenger should work.


This should fix the issue.

If you are still having issues, contact us via the app: Read how to contact Opal, report a bug or give feedback on Opal here.

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