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How to use App Lock

App Lock is a powerful blocking feature that locks apps you find distracting, while allowing you to open (unlock) the app a limited number of times per day. Once that number of unlocks is reached, you will be locked out of entering that app until the next day. They work separately from your Sessions and App Limit to give you an added layer of protection.

How do I set up an App Lock?

To set up an App Lock, take the following steps:

  • Open the Opal app
  • Tap on the “Blocks” tab
  • Tap “Set Lock”
  • Click on “Apps Blocked” to select the app(s) you would like to create an App Lock for
  • Set “Unlocks Allowed” to the maximum number of times you would like to be able to unlock the app(s) you selected per day
  • Set the “For Up To” length, which determines how long the app will be unlocked before automatically locking again
  • Determine your desired “Difficulty”
  • Choose “Days of the week active”
  • Tap “Save”

How do I unlock my app?

There are two ways to unlock your app. Here's the first:

  • Open the Opal App
  • Tap on “Blocks”
  • Select the active App Lock
  • Select “Unlock”

If you prefer, you can instead open the app you want to unlock directly from your phone, then select “Use [app]” from the shield screen.

What if I need to edit my App Lock?

If you need to edit an App Lock that is set to a "Hard Limit," you may do so before you've unlocked your App Lock for the first time that day. Here's how:

  • Open the Opal app
  • Tap on "Blocks"
  • Select the active App Lock
  • Tap on "Edit Lock"
  • Make your changes
  • Tap "Save" or "Remove Lock"

Please note that you will be unable to edit an existing App Lock if you've set up the App Lock to open zero times daily (instead, please use the instructions to unlock the app in the section below). You will also be unable to edit an App Lock if you've already used any of your allotment of daily unlocks and that app unlock is set to "Hard limit". If you have already unlocked your App Lock once or more and your app lock is set to "Hard Limit," we'd recommend editing that App Lock the following day.

What if I need to access an app that’s locked via "Hard Limit"?

If your App Lock has been initiated because you've set up the App Lock to open zero times daily, or you've already used your allotment of daily unlocks, Opal can grant you a single-use key to open that app. You are able to use this single-use key only once per week. Here's how to disable App Lock in the event of an emergency:

  • Open your Opal “Settings” (accessible from the top right corner of your “Profile” tab)
  • Scroll down and tap “FAQs”
  • Scroll down and tap “Advanced Features”
  • Select “Change running Hard Limit locks”
  • Tap “here” to cancel your running session

Remember, canceling a Hard Limit Session should be done sparingly and only in cases where it is necessary, as the single-use unlock key is only available once per week. Once that Session has been canceled, navigate back to your app limit and edit away. Please be advised that if you've already used your weekly single-use unlock key to cancel a Hard Limit Session, our Support team is unable to force end the Session for you. For that reason, we recommend only using a single-use unlock key in a true emergency.

What if I accidentally open an app?

If you accidentally click on an app with an App Lock applied to it, the app will continue to be blocked, and it will not count towards your unlocks. From the shield screen, you will have the ability to intentionally unlock the app by clicking “Use [app]”. If you select it, this will count towards your daily unlock count.

Please note that if you're currently in an App Lock with a blocked domain within the App Group, we disable Private Browsing so you are unable to bypass our restrictions and access the site(s) you've blocked via Private Browsing. Additionally, you will be unable to tap "Clear History and Website Data" while in those Sessions. This will occur regardless of if you have "Adult Blocking" toggled to the on or off position.

That's It! If You Have Any Issues With App Lock, Please Follow The Steps Here To Troubleshoot.

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