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Search for an app or website in your App Group

You are now able to search for your most used apps and websites to add them to your App Group, Session, App Limit, and/or App Lock. To do so, you'll just need to upgrade to iOS 16.4.0 or higher. Here is how to search for an app or website:

  • Open the Opal app
  • Go to your Opal "Settings" (accessible from the top right corner of your "Profile" tab)
  • Tap on "App Groups" or "Add" to create an App Group
  • Choose if you want to create a "Blocklist" or a "Whitelist"
  • Tap on "Choose Apps"
  • Enter the name of the app or website in the search bar
  • Select or unselect
  • Tap "Cancel" (it will not cancel your selection, but take you out of the keyboard)
  • Tap "Save"

That's it! Although this feature usually works as intended, the Opal application may freeze or crash when you select the "Other" category or browse multiple open categories for specific apps/websites to block. We are working to implement a fix, but unfortunately, this is a known issue with Apple's Screen Time API that needs to be addressed by Apple's development team, and we are currently unable to bypass it.

What can Iย do about it?โ€

โ€This is a known issue that has been documented on our Community Forum. That said, if you are a developer with an Apple Developer Account, you can report this bug to Apple. Here is how to report the bug to Apple:

  • Visit the Apple Developer Forums and head to this thread
  • Log in to your Apple Developer Account
  • Click on "Reply" and provide a detailed description of the issue, including the following information:
    - The Device and operating system version
    - Steps to reproduce the problem.
    - Screenshots or a link to the video demonstration of the issue
  • Once you have provided all necessary information, click "Submit" to report the bug

By reporting this issue on the Apple Developer Forums, we can collectively encourage Apple to prioritize a fix for this issue. Your contribution is greatly appreciated, and we thank you for your support in improving the Opal experience for all users.

That's it! If you have any further issues with the app picker (other than it crashing), send us a report in the app!

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