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How do I choose Apps and Websites to Block? (App Groups) (iOS)

You choose Apps to block with Opal using App Groups, a preset list of apps that Opal will block during a Session.โ€


โ€What are App Groups?

โ€App Groups are a preset list of apps that Opal will block during a Session. You can apply an App Group to any Opal Session. Read more about Opal Sessions. App Groups can be named (for example "my fun social apps") and saved, so you can apply them to any Opal session.โ€

โ€How do I set up an App Group?

  1. When you start an Opal Session, you can select Apps Blocked.


  1. Create your first App Group, or Select an existing App Group
  1. Select Apps and Websites you want to include in this App Group, and Save.


Which App can I add to an App Group?โ€

All Apps installed on your phone and websites you use frequently will be present for you to select.

You can add up to 50 Apps and 50 Websites in an App Group. There is a counter that will let you know how many Apps of Websites you can add.

Apps and Websites are categorized by Apple. For example Facebook will be in the Social category.โ€


โ€Can I add websites to App Groups as well?

Yes. You can add up to 50 Websites to block simultaneaously. Here is a video to show you how to do it:

How to Block Facebook on your iPhone's Safari and Chrome browers


How do I select an App Group for a Session?

Open a Session, and hit Apps Groups to select or edit the App Group attached to this session.โ€โ€โ€


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